Dental Games: Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Oral Hygiene


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As parents, we understand the challenges of getting our little ones excited about oral hygiene. Convincing them to brush their teeth or floss regularly can often feel like an uphill battle. However, instilling good dental habits from a young age is crucial for their long-term oral health. That’s where dental games come in! In this article, Dr. Mila Cohen, a pediatric dentist at True Pediatric Dental Care in Jersey City, New Jersey, shares some fun and interactive ways to teach kids about oral hygiene.

Why Teaching Kids About Oral Hygiene is Important:
Before diving into the world of dental games, let’s quickly touch upon why it’s essential to educate children about proper oral care. Developing good dental habits early on not only helps prevent cavities and gum disease but also sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Children who learn how to take care of their teeth are more likely to maintain these habits into adulthood. By making oral hygiene fun and engaging through games and activities, we can empower kids with knowledge while fostering positive associations with dental care.

The Significance of the First Tooth Eruption

The arrival of a baby’s first tooth is an exciting milestone for both parents and children. As dental professionals, we understand the importance of this event in a child’s oral health journey. In this article, Dr. Mila Cohen, a pediatric dentist at True Pediatric Dental Care in Jersey City, New Jersey, will guide you through the significance of your child’s first tooth eruption and provide valuable insights on how to celebrate this dental milestone.

The Power of Playful Learning

Children learn best when they are having fun! Incorporating playful elements into teaching sessions not only captures their attention but also enhances retention and understanding.

1. Toothbrushing Races:
Transform brushing time into an exciting race against the clock! Set up a timer or use an hourglass-shaped toothbrush timer (available online) that makes brushing feel like a thrilling challenge rather than a chore.

2. “Simon Says” Smile Edition:
Put your own twist on this classic game by incorporating oral hygiene instructions such as “Simon says brush your molars” or “Simon says floss your teeth.” This game not only reinforces proper brushing techniques but also encourages active listening and following instructions.

3. Dental Trivia:
Create a dental-themed trivia game to test your child’s knowledge about oral health. Prepare a list of questions related to brushing, flossing, healthy snacks, and dental visits. Reward correct answers with small prizes or healthy treats to keep the excitement going.

4. Storytime with Plush Toys:
Bring oral hygiene to life by using plush toys as characters in storytelling sessions. Create stories where the toys encounter dental challenges and learn how to overcome these challenges through proper oral care practices.

5. DIY Toothpaste Art:
Encourage creativity while teaching kids about toothpaste usage! Allow them to create colorful artwork using non-toxic toothpaste on dark construction paper or cardboard. This activity promotes fine motor skills development while reinforcing the importance of regular brushing.


By incorporating these fun dental games into your child’s routine, you can transform oral hygiene from a mundane task into an enjoyable experience that they look forward to each day. Remember, it is crucial for parents and caregivers alike to lead by example and make oral care a family affair!

Dr. Mila Cohen Pediatric Dentist for Kids at True Pediatric Dental Care in Jersey City New Jersey believes that educating children about good oral hygiene doesn’t have to be dull or monotonous; instead, it can be an exciting adventure filled with laughter and learning!

So go ahead, try out these engaging dental games with your little ones today – their smiles will thank you later!

Note: Dr Mila Cohen is a Pediatric Dentist specializing in children’s dentistry in Jersey City New Jersey

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